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Erase Internet History & Secure your Privacy

The computer system is very useful equipment for both professional & home users. With the help of Internet, you can search any kind of information just within few minutes. Users must be aware about the advantages & disadvantages of internet usage. Usually, all internet browsers store cookies or history of the surfing data. Users generally ignore the privacy of internet history stored by the browsers. With the surfing of the internet, there is a big chance of all the surfing history getting recorded in secret hidden files in the computer. This proves to be rather unsafe as sometimes unwanted pictures and other data can be recorded in the PC that may be very harmful to you. The best way to get rid of this happening is the installation of internet eraser software.

By using the internet eraser software, it is possible to protect your log file for securing privacy. The internet privacy eraser software is designed to help computer users to remove and erase all the surfing data from the computer. Nowadays, the internet privacy eraser software is considered to be the ultimate privacy tool for computer users. With the help of the internet eraser software, you can get your browser history cleared, internet web address erased and internet site URL history erased with it. This tool enables you for surfing the internet without any fear of getting unnecessary matter being recorded in the system. In addition, when a large number of cookies & history get stored in the browser the computer & browser may run slow and start hanging.

This Internet Privacy Eraser software erases data of visited websites, accessed system files and folders. It acts as a complete solution that enables you to hide your Internet and computer browsing history from your parents, spouse, friends, children or colleagues. The software assists to remove the information of your computer & Internet browsing by erasing cookies, typed URLs, cache, registry items, computer search history, Windows Media Player's url, temp files, list of recent documents, printer stream history etc. It also provides you to options to customize your webpage and toolbars with your own configurations. It is the best solution to secure your personal data from hackers and intruders.

Features - Internet History Eraser Software:

  • Eradicate traces of your Internet and Computer Activities.
  • Wipe away Internet and Computer History just within one Mouse click.
  • Erase saved cookies, caches, typed U-RL's, visited website list, start menu run history & computer search history.
  • Provides options to customize the Web page and Windows tool bar options.
  • Kill pop-ups, disable file downloading, disable IE menu options and tool bar options.
  • Modify location of saving cache directory, history directory, favorites directory, cookies directory& download directory.
  • Offers to customize Windows toolbar images and colors with your own images and color models
  • Performs efficiently with every version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire fox, Netscape, Opera.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, Windows 7.