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What is Onsite SEO?

SEO techniques can be classified into two major categories - onsite and offsite. Both the optimization methods are equally important to increase the rank of your website when building and promoting it on the web. On- Site SEO defines website code optimization by making it clean, elegant and properly structured so that search engines can easily understand about the website and can index it. In other words, On-Site SEO involves the processes or optimization steps that you apply to the design of your website which further influence the rankings of your site in the search results with respect to the chosen keywords.

Onsite optimization is an essential component of SEO to get online success over the web while doing internet marketing. Search engines deconstruct the code first while searching your website on the web after inserting a keyword or phrase for searching something. This technique ensures that each optimized page has all proper tags, clean HTML code which has been optimized for a given key phrase. While performing Onsite optimization it is necessary to work on each page, create custom titles, descriptions, image names, paragraph titles and generate HTML sitemap for search engines to follow and many more.

Components of Onsite SEO

Title Tag:

Title tag is the first word you place in your web page. It should be impressive and attractive so that it can grab the attention of as much users as possible.

Meta Description:

Meta description contains brief and concise information about the content of the web pages that appears as the snippet of texts in the search results.


It's a text file that is placed on the website to tell the search robots not to crawl the pages which you don't want to. It's an informatory message that search engines obey from crawling your pages.

Sitemap XML:

The XML sitemap is the key that informs the search engines about the page structure of your website. It illustrates how often the page content is updated and when new content is added to the site.

Sitemap HTML:

When HTML sitemap is added to your website, it ensures that search engines have the ability to crawl every page of your website.

Alt Tag:

Alt tags enable you to display the appropriate images by optimizing them with targeted keywords. Thus the images become visible to crawlers.

Optional blog creation

Blog is the perfect media to add quality and keyword stuffed content to your website frequently. Also, blogs which are regularly updated catch attention of maximum visitors. Blogs are automatically arranged to rank easily because they focus on the relevancy of the keywords and can be updated regularly.